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Version 3.8a released

Now it’s here! CDGFix 3 Super version 3.8a is now released! Changes/fixes Fixed bug in the window listing current activations; failed to update number of available activations when one was deactivate Fixed a bug that caused data tracks to be listed as audio tracks on multi session CDG discs Fixed a bug that prevented access […]

Version 3.8 released

At last – now it’s here! CDGFix 3 Super version 3.8 is now released! One of the greatest new features of this version is the greatly simplified licensing scheme. All you need to remember now is a single serial number, no matter how many licenses you own. Also it is now possible to buy add-on […]

Version 3.8 final tests

CDGFix version 3.8 is now into final testing. One of the major changes from previous versions is the new licensing scheme. Other news include the possibility of creating songbooks directly from index files. Estimated time of release for the new version is ultimo October.

New licensing scheme

CDGFix version 3.8 is now in progress. The major change in this version is how CDGFix 3 Super is licensed and activated.With the new licensing scheme the process of juggling product keys and corresponding license keys will be history. When licensing CDGFix 3 Super on multiple computers you will now have the possibility of doing […]

Version 3.7i released

CDGFix version 3.7i is now released Added Copy button in the Enter License Key dialog to copy the product key onto the Clipboard. Added Paste button in the Enter License Key dialog to paste a license key into the text boxes. Added validation to the Enter License Key dialog to avoid entering invalid characters in […]

Version 3.7i in process

The next service release of CDGFix – namely 3.7i – is now in the process of being completed. This release will contain quite a few bug fixes, according to reported errors since the previous build. In addition there will be some new features included, for example integration with the RSQ NEO+G batch file format. Stay […]

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