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Transfer your license

I need to reinstall CDGFix after a reformat of my hard drive but my product key have changed and iam unable to register. Do I need to purchase a new licens ?. NO, CDGFix has a feature to transfer your old license to your new computer or the reformatted one. The information needed to transfer your old […]

Product Key

How do I find my Product Key? Start CDGFix and select Product Key on the Help menu.   


ASPI Installation and Information Starting with release 3.7 of CDGFix 3 Super, there is no longer need to install external ASPI layer from Adaptec / NERO. With release 3.7 we have licensed and bundled the Tomahawk ASPI from Rocket Division Software. After installing CDGFix 3 Super release 3.7 ASPI should function correctly with no need for […]

Purchase and Register

How do I purchase and register CDGFix – Download and install the software (this is required to test the features). – Run the software on the computer you wish to register. – Find the product key by selecting Product Key on the Help menu.. – Go to our purchase page and fill in the your information and your product […]


What about Refunds? – There are NO refunds once you receive your registration code. – You may evaluate the software players and utilities in UNREGISTERED mode for as long as you like to test and verify proper operation on your computer. If it doesn’t meet your needs or work on your system do not purchase […]


As a registered user am I entitled to free upgrades? -Yes, upgrades are free for any minor release. IE: if you own 3.x then you will freely recieve and run any newer 3.x version. You will not need to re-register or purchase another license. – When a new major release is available there may be a fee to […]

Can I ? in CDGFix 3.x Super

Can I play my CD+G discs on my PC? Yes, provided your CD drive is capable of reading CD+G discs. CDGFix 3 Super implements software error correction (Reed-Solomon) and can use a lot more CD drives than other programs. We suggest you download the demo version and test your drive to see if it can […]

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