Version 3.6j released

CDGFix 3.6j released!

Various CAVS list files (songlist.txt, list.txt, juke.txt)

  • Various CAVS list files (songlist.txt, list.txt, juke.txt) are now produced according to specifications; max 48 characters in title and artist name, five digits in song number.
  • When building a SuperCDG or NEO+G library, and one or more source files were missing, selecting Ignore on the message displayed would cause CDGFix to loop on the same track. If additionally answering Yes to the question whether to ignore all missing tracks, would cause CDGFix to hang.
  • New menu item on the Project Edit menu; Propagate Selected. This will move all selected tracks to the top of the list.
Updated: 13/03/2015 — 10:44

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