Features Comparison Table

FeatureCDGFix 3 SuperCDGFix 2 ProCDGFix 1 FreeNote
Open/play/save CDG file
Open/play/save BIN files
Open/play/save ZIP files
Open/play/save RSQ M3G files
Open/play/rip RSQ NEO+G discs
Open/play/save CAVS MCG files
Open/play/save CAVS MCG.MP3 files
Open/play CAVS CDG files
Open/play CAVS encrypted NCG files
Open/play/rip CAVS SuperCDG discs
Play/rip CDG discs1
Sound support
Software Reed-Solomon CDG disc
error correction
Create RSQ NEO+G libraries
Create CAVS SuperCDG libraries (homemade and proffesional)
Edit graphics (lyrics) with friendly tools
Filter instructions played by the player
Single step playing forward/backwards
Breakpoints to assist in finding errors
Channel selection2
Full screen player
Built-in HEX editor
Built-in HEX editor
Tools to change color on sweep ++
MP3 encoding
Online upgrade5
Automatic backup of edited track
Filter instructions displayed in packets list
View current colortable
Scanning of track to find instruction errors
Batch scanning of project tracks to find instruction errors
Timeline to cut graphics and/or music
Use disc catalogs to rename tracks/files3
Dual screen support4
Dockable windows - create your own workspace layout
Load/save workspace for different tasks
Online help5
Batch conversion between supported formats
Create songbook
Find duplicate tracks
FrreeDB lookup of CDG discs
Submit CDG discs to freeDB
Rename track files from title/artist
Read/write ID3 tags
Integrated email-based reporting of errors and suggestions6


  1. Requires a CD drive capable of returning sub-channel data
  2. Version 1 handled channel selection incorrectly
  3. Requires a valid installation of a songbooks program (currently supported are KJ-Pro v1 and v2, Karaoke Song List Creator, Music Book Deluxe, FastTracks SongBook Creator, as well as CSV formatted lists)
  4. Requires a windows multi-monitor installation
  5. Requires an active internet connection
  6. Requires a working email client or access to a SMTP server

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