Can I ? in CDGFix 3.x Super

Can I play my CD+G discs on my PC?

Yes, provided your CD drive is capable of reading CD+G discs. CDGFix 3 Super implements software error correction (Reed-Solomon) and can use a lot more CD drives than other programs. We suggest you download the demo version and test your drive to see if it can be used.

Can I store my discs on the PC hard drive?

Yes, CDGFix 3 Super can “rip” your tracks to the hard drive as MP3+G (CDG+G), Cavs SuperCDG Library, Cavs MCG, Bin, Zip and Cavs MCG.mp3 . After that you do not require the original disc (it can be safely stored to avoid damage).

Can I use a laptop?

Yes, provided the minimum hardware requirements are met. Most laptops do not have CD+G capable drives, but you could use your hard drive and an external drive.

Do you support multiple screens?

Yes, as part of the standard windows multi-monitor support. You can drag the any windows to the secondary monitor as desired.

Can I copy my CD+G discs?

No, we do not support DISC DUPLICATION. Our software does not “burn” discs. We recommend you try CDRWin by GoldenHawk.

Can I play Karaoke VCD discs?


Can I play DVD discs?

Yes, CDGFix 3 Super plays  DVD as long the format is supported by CDGFix, ie CAVS SuperCDG, Bin Files, Zip Files, CD+G, CDG+mp3, CAVS MCG and CAVS MCG.MP3.

Can I make my own CD+G discs?

CDGFix 3 Super can create BIN for CD+G discs and Super CDG Lbrary files for CAVS Super CDG
To write BIN file you need a third-party program called CDRWin or Nero 6

Can I convert my ripped files (CDG+mp3) to BIN or write them back to disc?

Yes, our conversion tools can convert CDG+MP3 back to BIN. You must use CDRWin to write back the BIN to CD+G disc

What karaoke format does CDGFix 3.x Super supports?

CDGFix 3 Super supports: CD+G,  CDG+mp3 , CAVS MCG, CAVS SuperCDG, CAVS MCG.mp3, CAVS NCG (encrypted), BIN, ZIP

Can I suggest new features?

Sure. If you think our software should support something, or have specific capabilities please use our contact form to send your comments, ideas, or suggestions. Customer feedback like yours makes our products better!


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