Version 3.8a released

Now it’s here! CDGFix 3 Super version 3.8a is now released!


    • Fixed bug in the window listing current activations; failed to update number of available activations when one was deactivate
    • Fixed a bug that caused data tracks to be listed as audio tracks on multi session CDG discs
    • Fixed a bug that prevented access to SuperCDG and Neo+G libraries when referenced by an UNC path
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in a non-user friendly message when trying to list activations for a serial number and no activations was found
    • Displaying a more user friendly message when communications with the license server fails

New features

  • New command Reset Window Positions on the Window menu; will reset all window and dialog positions to their default values
  • New Thumbnails option to generate thumbnails with a maximum timespan
  • New option in the Export Tracks dialog when using numeric file naming; choose whether or not to keep output file numbers continuous or not when input tracks are failing to load.
Updated: 12/03/2015 — 18:05

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