Version 3.8 released

At last – now it’s here! CDGFix 3 Super version 3.8 is now released!

One of the greatest new features of this version is the greatly simplified licensing scheme. All you need to remember now is a single serial number, no matter how many licenses you own. Also it is now possible to buy add-on licenses at a reduced price, and you can buy packs with multiple licenses to greatly discounted prices.

After upgrading to version 3.8, the first time you start CDGFix your serial number will be downloaded and presented to you. Any time later you can find the serial number by selecting Serial Number on the Help menu.

We hope you will enjoy this simplification, meaning that you no longer have to manage combinations of product keys and license keys.

There are also a few other new elements included with this release:

  • Removed redundant message (stating missing hardware de-interleave and error correction) on reading CD track
  • Updated the report bug / submit suggestion dialog to adhere to the new licensing scheme
  • Build song book directly from an index file – no need to load the index file into the project list first
  • Fixed wrong alignment of columns in the song book.
Updated: 12/03/2015 — 18:11

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