New licensing scheme

CDGFix version 3.8 is now in progress. The major change in this version is how CDGFix 3 Super is licensed and activated.With the new licensing scheme the process of juggling product keys and corresponding license keys will be history.

When licensing CDGFix 3 Super on multiple computers you will now have the possibility of doing this by one single serial number. Transferring licenses when reinstalling Windows or changing computer will be a breeze; simply enter your serial number and activation and license transfer will be handled behind the scenes.

How CDGFix 3 Super is priced will also change with this release. It will be possible to buy different license packs in addition to the existing single license. Also an option to add more licenses to an existing serial number will be available. Buying license packs or adding licenses will of course have the benefit of a lower license unit price that buying multiple single licenses.

There is not yet a release date available for version 3.8, however fall 2013 is the preliminary schedule. Stay tuned for updates!

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