Next release 3.6k

During the next couple of weeks we will finish testing, and release version 3.6k of CDGFix 3 Super. The major new feature of this version is the support for automated transfer of your license from one computer to another, or to a fresh install of Windows.

When you buy a new computer, or simply reinstall Windows on the one you have, the CDGFix product key normally changes. This is because the product key is assembled from your computer’s hardware and the Windows identification key. The result is that the license key you have no longer will work, with the end result that CDGFix will not activate. Remedy prior to version 3.6k has been to contact our sales department and request a new license key.

Starting with version 3.6k, you can now perform this license transfer operation directly on-line in just a few minutes. The Activation dialog has a new (the third) tab for license transfer. When on-line activation fails due to an invalid license key, you will be directed to this new tab. By entering the order number from the email you received when buying CDGFix 3 Super, along with the original product key and license key pair, you will receive a new email with a license transfer key. Enter this key into CDGFix 3 Super, and your license will now be automatically transferred to the new installation or new computer. The email is sent to the address you specified when buying CDGFix 3 Super. The process is fully automated, hence you are no longer required to wait for our office hours to transfer your license.

Updated: 13/03/2015 — 10:41

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